Napajanje 500W LC Power LC500H-12 v2.2 12cm Fan

Barkod: 4260070122125
  • Proizvod iz grupe: 500W
  • Proizvođač: LC POWER
  • Garancija:24 mes.
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Technical overview

Power supply type Office Series
ATX standard ATX V2.2
20+4 pin mainboard 1x 45 cm
4+4 pin mainboard 12V 1x 45 cm
PCI-Express 1x PCI-Express 6 pin 45 cm
SATA 4 (2x 45 / 2x 60 cm)
PATA 2x 75 cm
FDD 1x 90 cm
Mark of conformity CE
Fan 120 mm
PFC active
Dimension h x w x d 85 x 150 x 140mm
Weight (retail) 1,367 kg
Power rating 500W max. / peak
+3,3V 20A
+5V 22A
+12V1 15A
+12V2 15A
Temperature control for case fan yes



500W max. / peak

120mm fan

1x PCI-Express 6 pin connector

Incl. Active PFC (power factor correction for an efficient use of the spent energy) and all relevant safety circuitry


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